This is it the wing that has it all: good safety mixed with good turns mixed with good glide, and it's motor friendly. If you want an all around glider this is it. The Power Atlas

Power Atlas has better sink rate than the Edel-Control and is just as easy to launch and just as forgiving. Just a standard class but totally suitable for the beginner. Comes with short trim risers for a comfortable hand position. Safe and fun. An old friend with cool new features.
3 mph faster trim speed than the original Atlas, thicker lines and great, very short, trim risers for extra speed, torque compensation and a comfortable hand position. Designed to inspire the beginning, intermediate or low airtime pilot. The Power Atlas has very good trim speed (37 km/h max load) excellent handling and confidence inspiring handling. Very easy launching, slow rising glider, very predictable. All internal stitching, reinforced attachment points, highest quality. It is great for trikes , easy in the propwash. Very durable fabric that allows an unuasually long life of up to 700 hrs.

Please compare it to other gliders, Edel spares nothing in production!


Power Atlas XS S M L XL
Wing area proj. (m²) 21.52 23.43 25.43 27.51 29.66
Wing span proj. (m) 9.09 9.94 9.89 10.29 10.68
Ratio proj. 3.85 3.85 3.85 3.85 3.85
Cells 35 35 35 35 35
Cruising spped (km/h) 21-44 21-44 21-44 21-44 21-44
In Flight weight (kg) 55-70 65-80 75-95 90-110 105-125
Certification N/A DHV1-2 DHV1 DHV 1-2 DHV 1-2
Price   $ 2875 $ 2875 $ 2875 $ 2925


#1 yellow/blue

#2 blue/red

#3 black/white

#4 white/blue

#5 white/ turquoise 
(special order)

#6 red/white 
(special order)

#7 blue/yellow

#8 black/yellow

#9 black/red*

NEW #10 black/neon green  



**Color black leading edge/white stripe/gold main and color black leading edge/white stripe/red main. Both top and bottom surface full color on all Edel gliders- much more expensive to produce but it just looks so good ! More of Edel commitment to quality.