Specifications: Features:  Engine: Propeller:
Weight 64 lbs Most powerful Polini 200 cc (tuned) 48" Helix composite 
Max. pilot weight 480 lbs Flash starter or e-start 31 HP at 7600 RPM 2 blade or 4 blade
Thrust 190 lbs (4 blade) Clutch    
Bing carburetor Low hang point   Price:
Read Manual SportiX suspension   $ 8190.00

DULV homologation successful finalized.

A lot of engines already in the market.

The system gives a very good impression

The engine starts easily with little force. The reason here: The flash starter. This starter is already in use with the ThoriX 100.

We took our famous Bing 84 carburetor and matched it to the engine. 

The consumption in flight per hours with BulliX is  determined at 4 l/h

This motor can develop a boost higher than the Monster. At this time we use a 4 blade 1,25 m propeller for trike and a 2 blade for the foot launch modus. The 3 blade propeller is much louder than a 4 or 2 blade. But we love quiet engines so the decision was made very quick.

Big advantage:
  • The engine has a balance countershaft that grants a great comfort during the flight. It cancels the vibrations and extent the lifespan of the whole system.
  • An almost obligatory part of the equipment is the centrifugal clutch.
  • This engine is suitable for strong pilots who like to fly foot launched, or it is mountable on a trike. The total weight of the unit without harness is just 29 kg (64 lb).


The "specialty" about the Super ThoriX is the pilot suspension made by Fresh Breeze.

While starting and landing the push brace are low, so the center has moved before the main balance point, and the engine tips with pleasure down and supports starts and landings. When flying, the push brace is horizontal and the fulcrum lies very near the center of the engine and it does not press the pilots back and vibrations are kept off almost completely. The left push rod has a special design which compensate efficient the negative torque effect from this strong and powerful engine. This all sound very technically, but the main point is: the engine and pilot becomes one. No more torquing away while starting or leaned back landings, where the equipment shatters into 1000 pieces.