TOP 80 superlight

Specifications: Features: Engine: Propeller:
Weight 42 lbs, one ring cage Centrifugal clutch Per Il Volo 80 cc (tuned) 48" Helix composite
Thrust 115 lbs SportiX suspension 18 HP at 9000 RPM  
Pilot weight: 100-180 lbs     Price:
      $ 6990.00

The NEW 2014 Top 80 is the lightest motor available and Fresh Breeze installs it in the single ring SportiX cage for a 40 lbs motor weight. A dual ring cage is available with a slight weight penalty. The soft J Bar (Jettison) or the high tech Sportix suspension system is available.

In true Fresh Breeze fashion the engine is re-worked with a different carburetor and other mods to make it more user friendly.

This unit is suitable for lightweight pilots but can be used for a 180 lbs pilot in combination with a highly efficient glider, like the RamaFlex.
Standard equipment is a 48 inch composite high thrust propeller that runs rather quiet.
The fuel tank is large enough for 4 hr flights and an XL tank is available to extend the range to over 5 hrs.