Mojo's RipAir, located in Charlotte,NC can repair minor to medium damage to your paraglider/ppc canopy. Small tears and holes can be repaired with self-adhesive ripstop tape. Larger tears or those near a stress point will typically be repaired with a sewn patch or panel section.

Line Replacement:
Replacement paraglider lines for most models: Paraglider canopy, gliders, chutes, wings, kites, etc. We stock multiple brands of Kevlar and Dyneema (also known as spectra) in many different strengths or diameters. Specify the line type, length, strength or diameter and color on the repair form available at . Include the Manufacture name and full Model name of the canopy. 

Airworthy inspections are a must for pilot safety, or as a check before purchasing a used glider. Let us give your canopy a professional annual checkup. Includes, porosity check, line strength and trim analysis as well as general condition inspections. We service most all of the current models of canopies. 


Price list:



Line : $ 20.00
Installation per line: $ 5.00 

Wing Repairs
The cost of any required repair to a wing is subject to an hourly rate of $ 60.00, plus the cost of materials.

Individual Wing Tests
Line Break Test: $60.00 (Price includes replacing the line that was tested.)
Porosity Test together with the Tear Resistance Test: $ 60.00
Line Inspection & Correction of Asymmetry: $ 60.00 ( Price doesn't include the cost of each line replaced.)

Wing Inspection Costs
Complete Paraglider Annual Inspection: $ 175.00

* Visual inspection of top and bottom services and interior
* Porosity check
* Fabric strength test
* Line strength test
* Breaking test of one A line to failure
* Visual inspection of all lines for wear
* Check lines within 1 cm tolerance
* Check brake lines for wear, proper adjustment, and attachment to handle
* Riser check - check trim w/1 cm tolerance and Visual inspection for wear, snaps, pulleys, speed system & stitching
* A detailed report of your wings inspection. 


For inquiries about wing repairs please call Mojo’s RipAir at (980 277 1104) or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.